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During a recent 2017 sermon in which statistics were presented as to the death rate in the United States, the number of true believers in Christ vs. non-believers, and a serious reminder of the view of Jesus on heaven and hell, for Sharon, doing more became a new goal. The idea to work at developing a network of already active Christian senior-care workers and encouraging them to see personal evangelism as the crucial matter was spawned as the preacher went on with his sermon.

Since then, plans have begun to that end! In an almost 24/7 mode, ideas and goals were jotted down and slowly came to pass. After asking for some creative help from above, the name ShiningLight2Gether came into being and was set in place. The website was developed.

The long years of dedicated ministry to the elderly have made one thing, in particular, very clear:

Old folk are ready to listen to the truths
about heaven and hell,
about sin and forgiveness,
and about salvation through Jesus Christ.
Astoundingly, many, many people
have put their faith in Christ
during their 70s, 80s and 90s!

  • A recent example is a 99-year-old woman--now 103--who said she never gave Jesus much thought her whole life. Then, one day 4 years ago, she bowed her head and prayed to acknowledge Jesus Christ as her Savior!
  • Another instance from earlier years is that of a woman who at 97 put her faith in Christ one month before she died, after being visited weekly for 17 years!

We need to be sure that we are viewing this ministry in light of eternity and to know how to go about leading a person to Christ. Helpful lessons and experiences, posted regularly, will be available to spur each other on!

Time is not on our side; often as we arrive at a meeting, we are greeted with the news of another person passing into eternity. Sometimes, such news brings joy; other times, it saddens the heart. We must strive to present an opportunity to hear the clear gospel message. We must engage each person that comes our way.

Leading an elderly person to Christ is a skill that can be acquired. While it is the work of the Holy Spirit, it requires perception and the ability to fine tune the presentation each time, as seen in the example of Paul on Mars' Hill. It is the art of using an array of simple tools.

If the forming of this network means that ten more...or 100 more...people pass from death to life, it is worth the effort! God willing, it will reach many more.

Visualize them, the folk who safely went into eternity to be with the Lord, so grateful that someone ignored the statistics about people over 65 not usually getting saved! There is a big crowd up there due to the efforts of every person who devoted their life to presenting the gospel one-on-one to good ole' people who seem to fall by the wayside here on earth.

We must be faithful!

Thank you for your part!
Thank you for your interest in this, no doubt, evolving, preposterous plan!

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