First came ShiningLight2Seniors

For nearly 30 years, Ken and Sharon Heldman ministered in the local nursing homes and retirement centers, leading church services, visiting room by room, holding Bible studies and blessing the elderly in their physical needs as well. They were known as Hope Ministries...
          Helping Older People Eternally.

Although the group meetings were uplifting, the one-on-one ministry became the focus through the years. Establishing strong relationships with the residents, Ken and Sharon were able to effectively share the gospel as well as encourage the believers, experiencing wonderful results. Read some stories here! and here.

On August 31, 2006, Ken unexpectedly died in his sleep and went to be with Jesus his Savior!

Though the months following his home-going were difficult for Sharon, always in the back of her mind was the plan to pick up where they had left off just as soon as life settled down. Starting in June, 2008, ShiningLight2Seniors, the ministry, under a new name, has steadily rebounded. Reaching out in the new surroundings and making contact with new facilities as well as former ones, Sharon has continued the ministry of meaningful devotional services in nursing, assisted living, and retirement settings and one-on-one interaction.

The story now continues with Birth of SL2G.