Marjorie: Cold Call Visit

Cold Calls...A Great Big Reason for Evangelism Preparedness!

One day, I got a phone call from a lady at church, asking me if I ever did “cold” calls. In other words, would I go to visit and share the gospel with someone that I don’t know—the mother of a friend of hers. The phone call ended with a name, whereabouts and spiritual condition of a 92-year-old lady at one of the nursing homes. From what I could discern, this lady has been talked to by one of her daughters who is concerned for her because of her age and health, but to no avail. She was somewhat “hostile” to the gospel as were others in her family.

I began to prepare myself for a visit to the nursing home. Mostly, I began to pray for her…and for me. After doing this for so long, I know that one can never be sure how such a visit will turn out. After a week or so, when I was already at this particular home, I went to see her.

I introduced myself. We chatted for a while. She and her husband were farmers for 40 years! And she is quite handy with sewing, embroidery, and crocheting. As I began to talk to her about the Lord, I could sense, not hostility, but a spirit of refusal. Here sat a sweet, frail lady evidencing a closed heart. I gave her one of our shawls and a Bible verse card, prayed with her, and left… heavy hearted.

When I visited again the other day, it was apparent that she had lost ground physically. Her food was untouched. She was embroidering. I asked when the last time was that she ate. Three meals ago. Her voice was very weak.

I shared Jesus with her. Her response was, “I don’t see any reason why I have to believe that way.” She sweetly told me that several times. I gave her a John 3:16 Bible verse card and holding her hands, prayed for her. In the Bible, God opened the heart of Lydia “to listen to the things which were spoken by Paul.” That was what I was praying.

The next day, I visited her again. She had fallen on Sunday. No broken bones, but fear and aches. I told her that Jesus was watching over her. That was about all I said besides chatting with her about her farm and her husband, etc. However, when I prayed, I included thanksgiving for God sending His Son to die for us, etc. When I opened my eyes, she was crying. I tried to draw her out a little, but that was not the day. I asked my friends to keep praying! I felt very much the presence of the Holy Spirit as I walked in that buildling that day.

Another visit. Marjorie was very weak. I could hardly hear her. When I was leaving, I leaned way over where she was in bed and gave her The Plan once again. I told her, "You can pray to Jesus to save you and give you eternal life anytime, like when you are about to go to sleep." At that, she just started praying out loud!

Marjorie prayed a simple prayer to receive Jesus as her Savior! She was sincere. She has been low with her fall and with a cold and I know that played a part in her turning to Christ. We all rejoiced along with the Angels in heaven!