Do You Know How to Lead an Elderly Person
to Christ?

Well, you say, isn't it the same for everyone no matter what their age is? Yes, the message is exactly the same; the approach is, most of the time, different.

The difference is this: Old people, most of the time, do a lot of thinking about death and the after-life. All around them, their friends are passing away and every time one of them dies, an elderly person thinks very deeply about breathing one's last breath. They are hungry for truth!

This is why so many gladly turn to Jesus Christ when they are in their 80s and 90s! So...when you sit with an elderly person to talk about the good news of salvation, it is a meaningful conversation. They all want "to know" that they are going to go to heaven when something happens to them.

And we...have the words of eternal life! We can firmly assure that eternal life based upon the immutable promises of God! Almost everyone knows John 3:16. That one with whom you are talking probably can quote it with you. God makes a promise that if anyone will believe in Christ the Lord, they will not perish but have everlasting life!

Go over it and over it with them...all those steps you learned such as the Roman's Road, until they answer firmly, "To heaven," when you ask them where they will go when they die.

Countless times, people have said, "I've been going to church all my life and never heard what you told us tonight!" Walk them through it and have them "confess with their mouth Jesus as Lord," when it comes time for them to pray.'s basically the same except you have to talk louder and you have to emphasize sins forgiven and the promise of heaven with Christ!

And...don't wait until next week!

I love to tell the story
        Of unseen things above,
        Of Jesus and His glory,
        Of Jesus and His love;
        I love to tell the story,
        Because I know ’tis true,
        It satisfies my longings
        As nothing else would do.

     I love to tell the story,
            ’Twill be my theme in glory,
            To tell the old, old story
            Of Jesus and His love.

I love to tell the story,
        More wonderful it seems
        Than all the golden fancies
        Of all our golden dreams;
        I love to tell the story,
        It did so much for me,
        And that is just the reason
        I tell it now to thee.

I love to tell the story,
        ’Tis pleasant to repeat,
        What seems each time I tell it
        More wonderfully sweet;
        I love to tell the story,
        For some have never heard
        The message of salvation
        From God’s own holy Word.
           by Arabella Hankey