Soul-Winning Preparedness

Prepared to win souls!
Practically speaking, this is what is needed:

  1. Solid grasp on God’s Word. We must know our Bible from cover to cover—to some extent—and be resolute about getting to know it better. How valuable to have a handle on these stories…to name just a few!
    1. Adam and Eve and the Fall
    2. Noah and the Ark
    3. Moses and the Passover
    4. King David and his sincere repentance in Psalm 51
    5. Isaiah 53’s prophecy concerning the death of Christ
    6. Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead
  2. Healthy familiarity with salvation Bible verses. These are the gospel! Have them at instant recall.
    Write the verses out on cards and carry them with you! Memorize at least these. There are so many more!
    Write them down as you find new ones!
    1. John 3:16
    2. Romands 3:23
    3. Romans 6:23
    4. Romans 10:9-10
    5. Ephesians 2:8-9
    6. John 11:25, 26
  1. Serious regard for heaven and hell. We need to be reminded of the horror of hell and the bliss of heaven — and to be spurred on to personally and intentionally reach our people. We must do more thinking about the words of Jesus regarding the realities of heaven and hell. We will not share the gospel unless we know well the teaching of Jesus about eternal hell!
  2. Commitment to be “geared up”. We must be ready and committed to jump at an opportunity to have a spiritual conversation with each elderly person and see almost every encounter with a person as an opening to approach the subjects of eternity and Jesus Christ. If we don’t know whether or not a person is saved, we must find out and go from there. Even if the conversation is about where they grew up or whether they like chocolate or strawberry ice cream, if we just start thinking and praying, there will always be a way to steer the conversation to life after death! (See the Openers page)
  3. Determined to keep getting better at it. We work so hard at getting better at so many things…tennis, cooking, piano, fitness! The possibility of improving at soul winning is very high! The Spirit of God is the teacher, the insight and the power behind our determination to reach others for Christ! Keep it up!