II Kings 17:4

Amazed. Humbled. Thankful. Reassured. Astounded. Relieved. Comforted. Overwhelmed.

All of these words came to mind as I sat looking at the Bible verse on my laptop screen ~~ “…you shall drink from the brook and I have commanded the ravens to feed you there.”

I just sat for a very long time, looking at those words and at the ravens on the Bible verse card, shaking my head in quiet amazement. The story of Elijah, the brook and the ravens is mind boggling! I just kept going over it again and again, considering the truth that God talks to the ravens and that they are his servants… like so many other animals in the Bible. I tried to imagine what it sounded it like when He spoke to them and exactly what it was that He might have said. It truly is an amazing part of God’s Word.

A couple of years ago, God spoke to me so clearly from this story. He assured me that He was going to take care of me and that He had no limits on resources. I began watching for “ravens” and sure enough, they showed up! I truly am amazed, humbled, thankful, reassured, astounded, relieved, comforted and overwhelmed by His care for me!

Through the years of standing before (or sitting with) old folk who have gathered to hear what God might be saying to them, it has become evident that there is no such thing as "The Golden Years." At least that is the case for the ones attending a ShiningLight meeting. I suppose it might be different for the elderly who reside in retirement homes. For the nursing home/assisted living population, living could very likely mean getting by on an allowance of $30 a buy toothpaste, toilet paper, shampoo, etc.

So, just think of what exciting news the story of Elijah and the Ravens is to them! Now, I must interject right here that 90% of the "exciting" comes from the attitude and presentation of the speaker! Being up to date with our daily walk with God adds a touch to this story as nothing else will!

Do you have stories to tell about how God has met your needs in a way that was clearly from Him? Tell them to your folk!

Isn't it amazing that God has complete charge of the animal kingdom? The ravens, the bees in Jeremiah, Balaam's donkey, the fish with a coin in its mouth, quail, locusts, and on and on! God will use whatever He pleases to fulfill His purposes and to be true to His promises!