Following Up on New Christians

SL2S has put together packets in an envelope to be given to those who indicate that they have prayed to put their faith in Christ during the silent prayer time at the end of a meeting. Lately, we have ended each service with a prayer for them to pray in their heart and then have asked for a show of hands. Always before, they would receive the Bible verse card for that night and if the schedule permitted, I would talk with them.

The nature of this ministry often does not lend itself easily to follow-up or discipleship. Most of the people who put their faith in Christ are there for the next meeting and the next; but often, I never see them again for one reason or another. Also, because their memories are not always sharp, they do not remember much from week to week.

So, I prayed and pondered over developing a packet that could be handed to them right then and there or be sent to them by mail. To be honest, I should have done this a long time ago! It has turned out to be a wonderful and amazing part of the ministry.

Three weeks ago, six people raised their hands after our two-minute prayer time! I had not quite finished printing the packets, so that week I put them together and mailed them to the folk. One of those ladies sent me a card with a note telling me thank you for telling her about the Lord!

Last Sunday, I brought six packets with me and five people raised their hands! I was able to hand them a packet right then and there! One of the ladies was one that I have asked you to pray for in a previous newsletter; another was there for the first time!

The packet contains four cards:

  • A card with the verse where Jesus says He is the Resurrection and the Life, with a spot for them to sign at the bottom in answer to Jesus’ question to Martha, ‘Do you believe this?’;
  • A card with “YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN" as a heading and Ephesian 1:7 as the Bible verse;
  • A card with "YOU ARE SAVED BY FAITH" with Ephesians 2:8, 9, and
  • A card reading "YOU ARE A NEW CREATION" with II Corinthians 5:17 as the verse.

Here is a link for some other cards you can print out.

Just think! Lots of new little 90-year-old babes in Christ! Passed from death to life!

Feel free to use these follow-up tools. Usually, "ShiningLight2Seniors," "Bible Verse Card" and our phone number are printed at the bottom.

Having a little bit of clear literature to take back to their room is so very important to your elderly residents. It doesn't matter if their memory and their thinking ability is intact or they have memory loss at one stage or another. By the time they return to their room after a meeting, pretty much all that they heard and understood has faded. Always send them "home" with Scripture in their hands!