The Brass Serpent

This story from the book of Numbers is one of the best tools for presenting the gospel. It’s a story that could very well be repeated many times in hopes that the folk would remember it!

Jesus did not have to tell the story. The people He was talking to knew very well what He meant when He said, “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness….” It was a story from their Scriptures. The beauty of it was how the Lord used it to teach the lesson! It was perfect! It clearly explained exactly what He was trying to explain. It was the best story from the Old Testament to open their eyes about salvation. Use this story with great excitement and enthusiasm to share the gospel with your people!

The teaching method of Jesus is astounding! If we can pick up just a little of it, what an impact it will have!

By the way, Noah and the Ark is a good story to explain God’s plan of salvation, too!